Sometimes, they are beautiful, living close to you and looks very interesting. But are they real?

Unfortunately, often, they are NOT. If your gut feelings are telling you that something is weird there, follow your instincts. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”.

You’ll also find the cheaters. They aren’t scammers but they are married. A few of them are even stupid enough to wear their wedding bands on their photos. I’ve met my share in this category. If he cheated on his wife, you won’t receive more respect from them than their wife. Believe me, I learned my lessons about this. They are very skilled on showing you how important you are for them, and how much they love you until they don’t need you anymore, just got tired of you or need to try someone younger, more exciting or just want to get a new thrill/excitement/experience.

To be on the safe side, you want to see more than a photo of the member. It’s way too easy to choose a nice photo from google and use it as their own. However, some are posting multiple stolen photos of the same guy, so, be and stay careful.

The best way to check is to search for their photo using Google photo search function. If you right click on their photo, you will see the option “Search Google for image”. I always use it and often found that way that they were using a politician, an actor, or a business men’s photos from around the world.

The scammers are more and more presents and organized. But many of them are using the same vocabulary and self-description.

The use of “I will like to” is one of them, widely used. No using “I” as well. Many are introducing themselves with “Am David by name”. They are a NO-NO!! Most of them will use this in their messages as well as references to God Fearing. Nope!

They lost their wives from a cancer or a terrible accident and they have a young child (often showed with them on their photos), working abroad for special assignments, or they are soldiers coming back in the US “soon” and 75% of them are engineers. All BIG red flags!

Useful reading article and sites (and horror stories):


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