I was SO nervous, I didn’t date for almost 20 years. Dating at 30 years old and when you are in your 50’s is so different, and frightening… I started slow, exchanging non-ending messages on the online dating site, I was scared to give my last name, I didn’t want to give my phone number or my email address, you know, just to be on the safe side.

Please DON’T do that, it’s a waste of your precious time. Jump in, exchange phone numbers (you can block him if it’s not working), talk over the phone and you will have a better idea about your prospect date. Don’t delay, meet them in person in a public place. There’s nothing like a hug, a handshake, and eye contacts to know more!

Let’s call him Mr. B. He looks awesome and he’s funny. That was a good start. We chatted back and forth a couple of times and we met for lunch. He was easy to talk with and I was feeling very comfortable with him. At some point, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and while I was doing what you’re supposed to do there, I received a text message notification. I checked and it was a message from Mr. B: “You are more beautiful in person, come back soon at my table!”. Not only I was laughing alone in the loo but he totally won me with his sense of humor!

Believe it or not, I still meet him regularly after those five years. He will never be my boyfriend because he is polyamorous. I learned from him what it was. He never married, never had children and he was professionally and personally a very successful bachelor so I stopped a long time ago thinking about him considering a more serious relationship. But I respect that, at least he was straightforward and honest.

I still have a lot of fun with him and he still makes me laugh each time. It’s a “part time” keeper! He has a place in Long Island on the beach and he spends his winters at his other place in South Florida. I visit him regularly.

Important note: ALWAYS meet your prospect date in a public place!

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