There are so many different online dating sites and apps. Here are a few that I used (or still use), with my personal opinion about each of them.

Free sites


The Pros – tons of members. The Cons – 80% of them are fake.

POF (Plenty of Fish)

About the same than OkCupid with fewer scammers.


I’ve met a few men on that app. However again, many scammers there.


No idea why, since it’s the same pattern than Tinder, but I found more quality users there.

And finally, if you are into younger men:

I am not into younger men at all, but I was curious about this trend and this site, so I created a short and brief profile. It was on for about 20 hours and I deleted. I received more than 30 messages from men between 22 and 35 years old. Not my piece of cake but if you crave a younger body, it’s the place to be!

Paying sites


Not for me. First, I tried to register before my divorce. I was rejected. I tried again after my divorce and they requested my divorce certificate. WHAT?? I don’t think so!


I’ve met some nice persons there as well. Much fewer scammers because you need to pay to read your messages but still, you need to be careful, as some scammers are always ready to pay a little fee as an investment to get more money from more naïve women.


Same comments than Match but this site is mainly for members 50 years old and older. A few interesting prospects but I never saw as many ugly faces that on this site… Be ready to receive messages from men all around the States, no matter what you wrote in your profile about your location.


Funny to use with a lot of interesting members, I like it. However, they have a “coin” option that I highly dislike. You have to collect coins daily to use some functionalities (or pay extra fees to get them). I don’t like the fact that you can’t see the members’ location before matching to them. I found perfect matches but living way too far from me.

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