I will continue to post a few stories here, but without any specific order. Not chronological, not by importance, just as they come back to my mind.

I had that message from Mr. X (he was so not important in my love stories that I even forgot about his first name.). But I remember that he was very nice looking, and with that kind of body for a woman to dream about for nights. He looks even younger than his age (he was 51 years old) and was in physical top shape. We chatted online a few times and we decided to meet for a coffee. When I got to that coffee shop, I was stunned. He was looking even more beautiful in person than on his photos. It was kind of unreal… So I smiled and for one of my first time, I was shy and speechless (and if you know me personally, you already also know that I’m not the kind of gal to look impressed or shy!).

So there I was, in front of that perfect looking man, and feeling that I totally don’t belong to his “category”.

Then, he started to talk. No. Not really. He started to answer with monosyllabic responses to my questions because he seems not able to initiate any kind of conversation. And his answers to my general/generic questions were kind of bleh.

The waitress came back offering a coffee refill and I said, no thanks!! And I left.

He was just beautiful outside but so shallow inside… too bad. Such a lost to look so beautiful but being so clueless…

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