At this point of my life, I’m no longer looking for a beautiful man but for an intelligent, sensible, talkable and funny partner (of course, if he’s cute, it won’t hurt).

This man contacted me and we had a very interesting exchange. He was very bright, knowledgeable, and pleasant to exchange with. We decided right away to talk over the phone and we chatted for more than two hours! It was amazing. He was so curious about everything, he was so open about any kind of subjects. It was a very interesting conversation.

So we decided to meet for a coffee.

PS. I used to accept dates for a lunch or a dinner but no more. If your date if very boring, it’s a very long time to wait to be free. Just go for a coffee or a drink and if you are good together, well, go for anything longer if you both want it!

SO. The day after, we had that coffee date. It was pouring, I was tired and not feeling to go there at all. One of my friend at work told me: “You can’t cancel, it’s not fair”. I agreed, took my umbrella and walked to the coffee shop.

I waited five minutes outside of the cafe with my umbrella, hoping to receive a cancellation by text message but nothing came up. Then, a man (with an umbrella, of course), was coming my way. I was watching him approaching and more and more saying to myself, “oh please, I hope it’s NOT him!”. But well, it was.

He was looking 15 years older than his profile photos (and at least 5 inches shorter). And yep, unfortunately, it was him. So we went into the coffee shop, had that mandatory coffee and then again, I didn’t want a refill and wanted to go right away.

I told him that I needed to go. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to talk about where I was living, so he told me that it was on his way and we had to commute back to Queens together. It was a very long commute. He didn’t look to understand why I wasn’t interested until I told him (but at the very last minute, before I hit my train station).

Hey! Next time, update your profile photos and if you were shrinking that much, update your height as well!

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