I was contacted many times by very young men. My ideal “ratio” is 5/5 (five years younger or older, max).

Once, I made an exception. He was a beautiful young Indian man, 39 years old, living very close to me. He sent me a few messages and I replied that even if he was very nice and interesting, he was too young for me. But he insisted and at some point, he just sent this message: “Listen, Michele. I’m not asking you to marry me. I’m just inviting a nice woman, a neighbor, to have a coffee with me.” I found it funny and we’ve met.

He understood and respected my decision and we saw each other quite regularly for lunches, dinners or walks in our area, a coffee here and there, etc. At some point, I was sick and I refused to meet with him. He started from then to text and call me daily to make sure that I was ok. He even drove me to a doctor’s appointment in the City. He became a good friend. I saw him less in the last two years but we stayed in contact. I had a dinner with him a few months ago and with his bright smile, he told me: “Do you realize that I am now 43 years old Michèle?”. He’s funny, I just replied, yes, but I’m now 57!

I realized that, even if I’m not attracted to those very young men, I need to pay attention to the signals, the open-minded people, their kindness. I’ve met my share of rude and disrespectful men, in my age range, so I really need to keep that in mind and be more open-minded myself. I also realize along this dating adventure that I’ve met many men who were not “dating material” to me (and vice-versa) but they stayed in my life as good friends. And it’s SO important.

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