I dated that man on and off for the last five years. He is beautiful and very funny. My main requirements for a relationship at this time. I just wanted something casual after my divorce. However, he’s not very serious. He’s 61 years old, never been married, without kids and any kind of responsibilities. He retired two years ago, so he’s totally free and independent.

When I’ve met him, and I was impressed with his sense of humor and I liked his different lifestyle, a lover of freedom.

He’s still not very serious, don’t want to commit at all and it was bothering me a bit to start with. However, after dealing and dating with him on and off for five years, I got used to that. At this point, I’m very comfortable in this kind of relationship and I understood over the last years that a part-time relationship may be the key for me. Let’s see!

So you know what? Mr. B is back in my life…

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