I am reading a chick lit right now. I read very heavy legal stuff at work daily so when I want to relax with a book, I don’t want to get into something too heavy. It’s The Botox Diaries, from Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger. I just started and it looks hilarious (and of course, it’s about friendship and dating after 40).

Extract (and then I totally thought about you, my friends, who are reading this blog):

“Are you still going out with that painter?”
“What painter?”
“The guy you met before I left for L.A.”
I make a face. “One date. When I saw his license plate said BLWJOB I decided there was no future. With my bad knees and all, it would never work.”
Lucy laugh so hard the sake dribbles down her cheek. I feel a secret thrill that my sexless love life can keep her entertained. If you’re going to go on 101 bad dates you might as well have a good audience.

I want to personally to thank each of you who took a few minutes over the last days to send me messages about your impressions and comments about this blog. I know that my English writing skills are far from perfect, but I have fun writing down my dating memories and I’m glad that you have fun with me.

More to come!

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